Dictionary of the Dead, Undead… You Get the Picture

  • DEMON – As you probably already know, demons, demonic entities, etc. are the most popular type of horror movie monster at the moment, barring zombies, of course. They span hundreds of religions, and they’re one of the most terrifying situations you could have on your hands. This link is an example, Anneliese Michel,
    and soon I’ll have a post up about these beasties. 


  • GHOST – Now, here’s a subject that’s been up for debated for hundreds of years. There are, to date, two different types of ghosts: intelligent and residual. Think Casper the Friendly Ghost for intelligent hauntings; they know what’s up and aren’t afraid to talk. This link is an article about them, and soon I’ll have one up!
    Residual hauntings are generally playbacks, like a spiritual broken record.  Think  the Tower of London, with all of its movie-like hauntings. This link is an article about them.


  • POLTERGEIST – These are, in my humble opinion, one of the most often misunderstood types of paranormal situation. Often categorized into demonic or intelligent hauntings, the poltergeist phenomenon is usually the accidental and unknowing doing of the most hormonally imbalanced person in the house, usually someone going through puberty.  This link is an article about the phenomenon.


  • SHADOW PEOPLE – Shadow people are probably the most common paranormal occurrence in daily life. Most often seen out of the corner of your eye, shadow people may be good, may be bad, may be your grandma. No one knows, as of yet. This link is an article about them.

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