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The Wendigo

Hello, darling!

I’m back, after a long hiatus, with a post on the infamous Wendigo. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them by now; they’re one of the most popular monsters on the T.V. show Supernatural, and they’re playing pretty big roles in both film and gaming lately. Anyone played Until Dawn? No? Don’t. I haven’t slept in days. But more on that later, if anyone wants to know how I felt about it.

Wendigo is a Native American… monster, for lack of a better word, that preys upon unsuspecting humans. Generally, there are a few criteria:

The forest. They’re most often found in the deep woods, but they aren’t limited to the Algonquian Eastern shore. There have been reports in MN, ND, SD, NM, you name it. There’s a theory I read about, somewhere in the comments of Reddit’s Search and Rescue guy (jury’s out on whether he was making it all up) that many of the world’s big, scary things have retreated to the deep, unexplored places with the advancement of human evolution. That the reason we’re all a little uncomfortable in the wild is that we know something’s out there, and that we aren’t apex out here.

Just something to think about.

Mimicry. If you’re camping with the fam and you hear someone calling you from a few hundred feet out, for the love of God don’t go out there. Mimicry is one of the Wendigo’s biggest tells.

It looks like Lupin. If it’s hairless, exceedingly tall, and looks like it crawled out of a sewer after the Ninja Turtles, you have your third clue. There’s hot debate over the actual appearance of the Wendigo, and no one can say for sure but the most widely accepted has long fingers and arms, with an almost stretched-out appearance. Some say they have huge fangs, eyes, and claws.

It’s trying to eat you. It eats humans. That’s what it does. it’s also been known to carry people off and keep them alive for days, chillin’ deep in caves where no one can hear you screaming.

The Wendigo’s origin story isn’t nailed down for certain, but the most popular (and my personal favorite) is the cannibalism theory. When a person gets desperate enough to eat someone else, from desperation or bath salts, what have you, they have a chance of possession by a Wendigo spirit. The more you eat, the hungrier you get, until you’re slowly driven insane (think Golem). Wendigo suffer form a deep, relentless, unceasing hunger, and as far as I can tell, there’s no cure. They’re cursed to find and chomp all the humans they can get their terrifying hands on. They’re the best hunters in the galaxy, and if you find one , you probably aren’t going to live. They’re also rumored to hibernate for months or years with no side effects but the munchies.

There’s no surefire way to kill a Wendigo; generally, they’re on that side of the fight, but you can always try the standard stuff: silver bullets/blades or my personal favorite, fire. One thing everyone agrees on: you must completely dismember it. Seth says they have weak eyesight, so if you can avoid letting it see you, you  might be okay. Report back if any of this works!